C-CAN Newsfeeds

As Google is discontinuing the email subscription function of the Feedburner service (https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2021/04/changes-to-feedburner) C-CAN posts can be delivered via email by registering to subscribe to the following feed: https://follow.it/c-can-california-current-acidification-network?action=followPub

Any subscriber who is currently receiving C-CAN posts via email that reference UCSB or Mathew McClintock will need to resubscribe. Another way of determining whether you need to resubscribe is whether you joined after or before the C-CAN site moved from the UCSB servers. Visually — when the website moved to a new server, the site was launched with a complete redesign.
Posts will continue to reside under NEWS in the menu bar, but having it delivered via an email subscription is a convenient feature of follow.it that hopefully works out for everyone. Please submit any comments or suggestions to: admin@C-CAN.info

How to easily resubscribe —

On selected pages/links such as NEWS, menu options will provide for subscribing to C-CAN News via email. Simply follow either of these options to ensure your email address is included in the subscriber list. You may unsubscribe at any point.