Month: February 2012

Tracking an ocean of carbon

Posted on EPOCA: 29 Feb 2012  The Carbon Group at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) works to advance our scientific understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and how it is changing over time. PMEL’s research includes documenting the evolving state of the ocean carbon chemistry with high quality measurements

Oregon Sea Grant research projects

Posted on EPOCA: 29 Feb 2012  Oregon Sea Grant has committed nearly $2 million to nine research and outreach projects over the next two years, including investigations into hypoxia and ocean acidification, community tsunami preparedness, and the migration and diseases of native salmon. The competitive awards are funded by NOAA

World’s oceans get an acid bath

Posted on EPOCA: 22 Feb 2012  Increasing acidity in the world’s oceans could pose a greater threat to marine life than warming waters. Among the repercussions of global climate change, the effect of ocean acidification on marine life is one of the least-understood variables. The oceans have already absorbed about