C-CAN Biological Workshop Report, November 15-16 2022
Workshop to Enhance Collaborative West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Biological Monitoring
C-CAN, AOAN, OST Webinar Series: mCDR
Conversations on Ocean Carbon: A U.S. West Coast and Alaska Perspective Speakers include: Dr. Jessica Cross, NOAA OAP, Dr. Sarah Cooley, The Ocean Conservancey, Dr. DavidK, Ocean Visions, and Dr. Chris Sabine, University of Hawaii Manoa.
C-CAN OAR, December 2022
High pCO2 and the thermal plasticity of developing Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) embryos during a marine heatwave with Chris Murray
C-CAN Bio Monitoring Workshop, Nov 15-16 2022
Build and strengthen partnerships among fisheries, aquaculture companies, tribes, agencies and scientists to achieve co-development of knowledge about acidification effects on west coast biota.
C-CAN OAR, August 2022
Understanding the mechanism of Pseudo-nitzchia australis bloom formation and toxicity during contrasting upwelling and marine heatwave scenarios with Kyla Kelly
C-CAN OAR, July 2022
Adapting to Environmental Change: Strategies for West Coast Shellfish Aquaculture. by Melissa Ward and Kristien Green
C-CAN OAR, 18 September 2019
How ocean acidification works hand-in-hand with warming and other global change stressors to promote toxic Pseudo-nitzschia harmful algal blooms along the West Coast
C-CAN OAR, 7 August 2019
Understanding Acidification Risks Across Habitats Through a 10-site Intertidal Network
C-CAN OAR, 17 July 2019
Genetics of Larval Fitness in the Pacific Oyster: Responses to Acidified
Seawater and Temporally Dynamic Selection Processes
C-CAN OAR, 15 May 2019
The Environmental Cost of Dinner
C-CAN OAR, 20 June 2018
A state-level policy, management and science approach to build support to address ocean acidification: lessons learned after 5+ years of stakeholder collaboration in Washington state.
C-CAN OAR, 16 May 2018
UPDATE: Kelping the Sea – farming seaweeds for research and resources in the Pacific Northwest
C-CAN OAR, 2 Apr 2018
Risks of ocean acidification in the California Current food web, fisheries, and coastal economies: model projections informed by estimates of species sensitivity.
C-CAN OAR, 8 Feb 2018
“Summary of a Workshop on Monitoring for Acidification Threats in West Coast Estuaries: A San Francisco Bay Case Study”.
C-CAN OAR, 8 Jan 2018
“Forecasting pH and aragonite saturation state in the Pacific Northwest: progress and needs.”  Join Drs. Parker MacCready, University of Washington, and Samantha Siedlecki, University of Connecticut, the scientists who have created these models, to learn about these two forecast systems. Joe Schumacker, Quinault Indian Nation, will also share his perspective on the needs and utility of such tools.
C-CAN OAR, 28 Jan 2016
“Scientists on call: How aquaculturists and scientists are working together in the face of ocean acidification ” Co-presented by Jan Newton of the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) and Terry Sawyer of Hog Island Oyster Company
C-Can OAR, 5 Nov 2015
“pH Sensors from the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE”
C-CAN OAR, 28 Sep 2015
OA impacts on the Pacific Northwest Oyster Industry – Resilience through Collaboration and Adaptation Featured speakers: Alan Barton, Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery and Dr. George Waldbusser, OSU
C-CAN OAR, 27 May 2015
2nd Roundtable discussion on Wednesday, May 27th at 3pm PDT (6pm EDT) “Using pteropods as a case study in water quality assessment” Presented by Nina Bednarsek, Washington Ocean Acidification Center, with perspective offered by Brad Warren of Global Ocean Health
C-CAN OAR, 31 Mar 2015
Presented to C-CAN Ocean Acidification Roundtable Discussion 31 March 2015 — By Todd Martz, Scripps Institution of Oceanography with Benoit Eudeline, Taylor Shellfish
C-CAN Session at Oceans in a High CO2 World Conference
Lunchtime session September 26, 2012
C-CAN OA-Shellfish Workshop August 2012
C-CAN OA-Shellfish Workshop December 2011
Palo Alto, California December 13–14, 2011
C-CAN OA-Shellfish Workshop July 2011
Costa Mesa, California July 6-7, 2011
Workshop 2010
Ocean Acidification Impacts on Shellfish Workshop