About Us

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee formed at the conclusion of the first OA-Shellfish workshop in 2010 to guide the future development of C-CAN. The Steering Committee is responsible for initiation and oversight of all C-CAN activities.  The Steering Committee meets by conference call on a quarterly basis.


Methods SubCommittee

The Methods Committee is responsible for creation/review of all technical products related to  development of a coordinated monitoring network.  The Methods Committee meets via conference call on an as needed basis.

  • Alan Barton
  • Andrew Dickson
  • Burke Hales
  • Benoit Eudeline
  • Joe Salisbury
  • Dwight Gledhill
  • Karen McLaughlin
  • Simone Alin
  • Todd Capson

Webinar SubCommittee

The webinar committee is responsible for creation and implementation of a webinar series intended to inform C-CAN members about recent advancements and management issues associated with acidification on the US West Coast.

  • Libby Jewett
  • Jan Netwon
  • Andrew Dickson
  • Diane Pleschner-Steele
  • Bruce Steele
  • Brad Warren
  • Jennifer Bennett


Website SubCommittee

The website committee oversees the structure and content of the C-CAN website, which is hosted courtesy of the California Wetfish Producers Association. The purpose of the C-CAN website is to disseminate C-CAN products, relevant information and linkage to the various entities researching OA on the west coast.

  • Diane Pleschner-Steele
  • Teri King
  • Steve Weisberg
  • Jan Newton
  • Gretchen Hofmann