The California Current Acidification Network (C-CAN) is a collaboration of interdisciplinary scientists, resource managers, industry and others from local, state, federal and tribal levels dedicated to advancing the understanding of ocean acidification and its effects on the biological resources of the US west coast.

C-CAN emerged from the Ocean Acidification Impacts on Shellfish Workshop, held July 7–8, 2010, in Costa Mesa, CA as participants and others interested in ocean acidification agreed on the need to facilitate and enhance communications and research collaborations among scientists, academia, agencies and industry.

The C-CAN Mission is to:

  1. Coordinate and encourage development of an ocean acidification monitoring network for the west coast that serves publicly available data;
  2. Improve understanding of linkages between oceanographic conditions and biological responses;
  3. Facilitate and encourage the development of causal, predictive and economic models that characterize these linkages and forecast effects; and
  4. Facilitate communication and resource / data sharing among the many groups, organizations and entities that participate in C-CAN or utilize C-CAN as an informational resource.

Please read the entire C-CAN vision and Core Monitoring Principles documents for more information.

Given the complexity of the emerging issue of ocean acidification and in recognition that growing our understanding of potential impacts will require a concerted community effort, C-CAN is committed to being the source for reliable, vetted scientific information.  C-CAN will identify and disseminate answers to pertinent questions, support ongoing and emerging efforts, and provide leveraged in-kind support toward the goal of adequately understanding this issue.

This website is C-CAN’s portal to facilitate communications and meet the goals of C-CAN.

C-CAN works in cooperation with the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Regional Associations, the West Coast Governor’s Alliance, the West Coast Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia Science Panel (OAH)  and many other like-minded groups.

Please bookmark this site and visit it regularly to learn more about OA research activities on the west coast as well as forthcoming C-CAN work products, including “how to” manuals, which will be posted under the C-CAN Documents tab as they are completed.  Please watch this space.

You can also subscribe to C-CAN News updates by RSS or email, and join the C-CAN Listserv, by visiting our News page.

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