Month: April 2018


Kelping the Sea – farming seaweeds for research and resources in the Pacific Northwest DOWNLOAD THE ABSTRACT: C-CAN Webinar May 16 Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Presented by Drs. Joth Davis, Hood Canal Mariculture, Beth Wheat and Fernando Resende from the University of Washington. This webinar will be

Reconstructing Aragonite Saturation State Based on an Empirical Relationship for Northern California

Authors and affiliations – Catherine V. Davis Email author, Kathryn Hewett, Tessa M. Hill, John L. Largier, Brian Gaylord, Jaime Jahncke Article – First Online: 13 April 2018   Abstract Ocean acidification is a global phenomenon with highly regional spatial and temporal patterns. In order to address the challenges of future ocean acidification at a regional scale, it is necessary

The combined effects of acidification and hypoxia on pH and aragonite saturation in the coastal waters of the California current ecosystem and the northern Gulf of Mexico

Highlights In surface waters the percentage change in the carbon parameters due to increasing CO2 emissions are similar. In subsurface waters the changes are enhanced due to changes in the buffer capacity. Increased anthropogenic CO2 concentrations will expose organisms to hypercapnic conditions. Abstract Inorganic carbon chemistry data from the surface and subsurface