Month: July 2011

A comparison of the SNP variation in the calcification PMCA gene of Lottia gigantea between a Santa Barbara population and a more acidic Monterey Bay population

Posted on EPOCA: 24 Jul 2011 As the atmospheric levels of CO2 rise from human activity, the carbonic acid levels of the ocean increase, causing ocean acidification. This increase in acidity breaks down the calcified bodies that many marine organisms depend upon. Upwelling regions such as Monterey Bay in California

Impact of ocean warming and ocean acidification on marine invertebrate life history stages: Vulnerabilities and potential for persistence in a changing ocean

Posted on EPOCA: 21 Jul 2011 Global warming and increased atmospheric CO 2 are causing the oceans to warm, decrease in pH and become hypercapnic. These stressors have deleterious impacts on marine invertebrates. Increasing temperature has a pervasive stimulatory effect on metabolism until lethal levels are reached, whereas hypercapnia has