Month: December 2012

Development Under Elevated pCO2 Conditions Does Not Affect Lipid Utilization and Protein Content in Early Life-History Stages of the Purple Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Published Biol. Bull. 223: 312–327. (December 2012) — © 2012 Marine Biological Laboratory — PAUL G. MATSON, PAULINE C. YU, MARY A. SEWELL, AND GRETCHEN E. HOFMANN   Abstract. Ocean acidification (OA) is expected to have a major impact on marine species, particularly during early life-history stages. These effects appear to be

A steep learning curve

Posted on EPOCA: 27 Dec 2012 — Ulf Riebesell charts the rapid rise in ocean acidification research, from the discovery of its adverse effects to its entry into the political consciousness.   Ocean acidification, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide, is a significant stressor to marine life. Ulf Riebesell charts