Month: May 2012

The Legacy Project: ocean acidification

Posted on EPOCA: 28 May 2012 — A video highlighting Bodega Ocean Acidification Group (BOAR) research and featuring Drakes Bay oyster producer Kevin Lunny.  Ocean acidification is the name given to the ongoing decrease in the pH of the Earth’s oceans, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2)

Robust empirical relationships for estimating the carbonate system in the southern California Current System and application to CalCOFI hydrographic cruise data (2005–2011)

Posted on EPOCA: 27 May 2012 — Published 27 May 2012, Science   The California Current System (CCS) is expected to experience the ecological impacts of ocean acidification (OA) earlier than most other ocean regions because coastal upwelling brings old, CO2-rich water relatively close to the surface ocean. Historical inorganic

Ocean acidification: the local story

Posted on EPOCA: 25 May 2012 — By Jennifer Langston. Sight Line Daily   When people learn that carbon dioxide pollution is turning our oceans more corrosive, it’s tempting to decide that the problem is too big for any person or local government to tackle.  But as our knowledge of ocean