Month: April 2012

Nutrition and income from molluscs today imply vulnerability to ocean acidification tomorrow

Published today in FISH and FISHERIES , 2012, 13, 182–215 — Sarah R Cooley, Noelle Lucey, Hauke Kite-Powell & Scott C Doney  Abstract Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human industrial activities are causing a progressive alteration of seawater chemistry, termed ocean acidification, which has decreased seawater pH and carbonate ion concentration

Widespread Media Pick-up on Oyster Impact Study

News articles across the country reported on findings from a study conducted at Whiskey Creek shellfish hatchery in Oregon, correlating upwelling-driven acidified waters to oyster recruitment failure. Here is a compilation of some of the stories.  Acidity in ocean killed NW oysters, new study says The Seattle Times Researchers said Wednesday they have

COP18: We should be paying more attention to our oceans (video)

From Qatar: COP18 UN Climate Change Conference 2012 in December 2012   Wendy Watson-Wright , UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission From Qatar: COP18 UN Climate Change Conference 2012 in December 2012 COP18 (04/12/12) – Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary, UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission talks about the importance of the oceans to the planet. She talks about