Month: December 2011

Ocean acidification and the future of native oysters in California estuaries

Posted on EPOCA: 26 Dec 2011  Ocean acidification and the future of native oysters in california estuaries Seminar by Eric Sanford, Bodega Marine Laboratory, UC Davis   When: Friday, February 24, 2012. 12:00 PM. Approximate duration of 1 hour(s). Where: Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey Boatworks Lecture Hall, Pacific Grove (Map) Audience: Faculty/Staff, Students Contact: 831-655-6200,

Ocean Acidification: Some Organisms Already Experiencing Ocean Acidification Levels Not Predicted to Be Reached Until 2100

Posted on ScienceDaily (Dec. 22, 2011) Ocean acidification research with SeapHOx sensor in the Line Islands. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of California – San Diego)   A group of 19 scientists from five research organizations have conducted the broadest field study of ocean acidification to date using sensors developed at

Funding opportunity: Regional ecosystem prediction program: Potential impacts of ocean acidification on fishery ecosystems

Posted on EPOCA: 16 Dec 2011  NOAA/NOS/NCCOS/CSCOR is accepting proposals which address the potential ecosystem impacts of ocean acidification to fishery ecosystems of US waters. Research should focus on the development of ecological models (linked to biogeochemical models if possible) which can be used to predict population and/or ecosystem level