Month: October 2013

The influence of food supply on the response of Olympia oyster larvae to ocean acidification

Posted: 23 Oct 2013 — A. Hettinger1,*, E. Sanford1,2, T. M. Hill1,3, J. D. Hosfelt1, A. D. Russell3, and B. Gaylord1,2  Abstract. Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide drive accompanying changes in the marine carbonate system as carbon dioxide (CO2) enters seawater and alters ocean pH (termed “ocean acidification”). However, such changes do not occur

Human actions put oceans at risk

Posted on OA: 22 Oct 2013 — Gretchen Hofmann, a marine ecophysiologist and professor of marine biology and ecology at U.C. Santa Barbara, spoke on this issue at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy’s National Climate Seminar  In the wake of the recent IPCC AR5 report, scientists have highlighted the