Articles from May 2012

High CO2 and silicate limitation synergistically increase the toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia fraudulenta

Posted on EPOCA: 14 May 2012 — Avery O. Tatters, Fei-Xue Fu, David A. Hutchins*, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California   Abstract:  Anthropogenic CO2 is progressively acidifying the ocean, but the responses of harmful algal bloom species that produce toxins that can bioaccumulate remain virtually

This is your ocean on acid

Posted on EPOCA: 09 May 2012 — By Brita Belli in, a story about the Pacific Northwest shellfish industry   As emissions continue to rise, the world’s oceans are becoming corrosive, threatening shellfish, corals and the entire ocean food web On most days, Bill Dewey can be found wearing