C-CAN Feedburner RSS Redirect Test

In response to the April announcement; https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2021/04/changes-to-feedburner C-CAN has been researching alternative services such as MailChimp, as well as WordPress plugins that would serve as the best solution to replace the current Feedburner service which will be discontinuing it’s email subscription function.

Posts will continue to reside under NEWS in the menu bar, but having it delivered to your door via an email subscription was the one  feature of Feedburner that benefited readers the most. This RSS Redirect Test is being made to determine whether a redirect solution can be made seamlessly without asking readers to resubscribe via another service.

Unfortunately, as announced by Google, a solution or a change will have to be made in order to continue to deliver C-CAN posts to subscribers via Feedburner.

There are a number of solutions, but most all require readers to resubscribe. This RSS Redirect Test will determine whether that will be the direction that will need to be followed.