Moss Landing researcher gets national grant to study ocean acidification

Posted on OA: 18 Sep 2014

 MOSS LANDING, Calif. – A researcher at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories has received a $330,000 National Science Foundation grant to study the effects of ocean acidification on juvenile rockfish.

Dr. Scott Hamilton is beginning his fourth year at Moss Landing Marine Labs. This new project will build upon his previous research on temperate marine fishes, using both laboratory and field studies to investigate the responses of juvenile rockfish to a marine environment of elevated CO2 (ocean acidification) and reduced dissolved oxygen.

As the primary research lead, Dr. Hamilton and his students will collect and rear multiple species of rockfish in the laboratory under conditions similar to those predicted to occur in the oceans within 50-100 years.


News Channel 5/46, 16 September 2014. Article.