[Oyster_seed_group] Aug 24, 2011 Willapa Oyster Bulletin

From Alan Trimble — more encouraging news!

Hello Everyone,
The new, small cohort of Pacific Oyster larvae is still present
and growing at a better pace than the last cohort did at this size.
Apparently the small summer storm didn’t knock them out, and
the new wave of anchovies that is dominating the southern
reaches hasn’t eaten them all – yet.

The chances of this group making it to spatfall are complicated by
two recent clam spawnings (up to 5,000/20 gal at some sites), the
addition of anchovies as predators, and the lowered odds of stable,
warm weather persisting for 2+ more weeks.

Our optimism is based on the good growth (20+ microns in 2 days) and healthy swimming behavior we see in today’s samples (per 20 gallons):

Site              Low Count        High Count     Max Size (microns)
Lewis Slough        156              164             130 small umbo
Long Isl Slough      40               99             110 early umbo
Cougar Bend         147              225             130
Naselle Bridge        4               10             110
Mill Channel        135              336             110
Peterson Stn         75              195             110
Smokey Hollow       110              123             130
Bear River          169              255             130

We will sample again on Friday and we plan to retrieve and replace our
shell strings on Saturday to determine the extent of any spatfall
from the last cohort and prepare for any that may come in th future

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