[Oyster_seed_group] August 23, 2011 Willapa Oyster Bulletin

From Alan Trimble

Hello Everyone,
Samples from yesterday morning’s high water did not contain
any remaining Pacific Oyster larvae from the August 3 cohort.
However, the new cohort we detected on Sunday evening were
present throughout the samples. They have grown to early umbo
at 100 microns in 2 days. The unsettled weather of yesterday
may be a factor in survival – we will sample again tomorrow.

Here are the counts (per 20 gallons.)

Site                   Low Count          High Count
Lewis Slough             110                432
Long Isl Slough           45                 70
Cougar Bend              104                125
Naselle River             10                 68
Mill Channel             294                360
Peterson Station         176                405
Smokey Hollow             10                105
Bear River                60                 72

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