Coastal eutrophication drives acidification, oxygen loss, and ecosystem change in a major oceanic upwelling system

Faycal Kessouri, James C. McWilliams, Daniele Bianchi, Martha Sutula, Lionel Renault, Curtis Deutsch, Richard A. Feely, Karen McLaughlin, Minna Ho, Evan M. Howard, Nina Bednaršek, Pierre Damien, Jeroen Molemaker, and Stephen B. Weisberg aDepartment of Biogeochemistry, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; bDepartment of Atmospheric and

Severe biological effects under present-day estuarine acidification in the seasonally variable Salish Sea

Highlights • Spatial and temporal variation in estuarine acidification cause severe biological responses. • Extreme low saturation state and duration of exposure cause pteropod shell dissolution. • Changing estuarine conditions cause cumulative stress that was used to generate stress index. • Compensatory mechanisms allow pelagic calcifiers to persist in extreme