PISCO Hypoxia Research Video

This film highlights PISCO scientists Jack Barth and Francis Chan as they conduct hypoxia research along the Oregon coast.

 PISCO hypoxia Scientists and Policy and Outreach coordinators, at Oregon State University have recently created a short video that describes what is known about hypoxia off the coast of Oregon. On display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the film answers the question; How did the dead zones in the ocean off Oregon form?

The film highlights PISCO scientists Jack Barth and Francis Chan as they conduct hypoxia research along Oregons coast and explain, using graphic animation that shows the complicated process of upwelling, how it contributes to dead zones. Engaged in partnership with state programs such as the Oregon Fish and Wildlife service, this film also provides footage of a reef near Cape Perpetua, Oregon, before and during a hypoxic event.

This film was created in partnership with: