A new resource for educators: Seawater Acid-Base Chemistry and Ocean Acidification

Posted on OA: 9 Jul 2014 — Heather Page & Alison Dickens, Scripps Classroom Connection via Earthref.org

 A new resource on ocean acidification has been made available online to teachers by Scripps Classroom Connection via Eartref.org. It comprises a curriculum of five lessons that teach students acid-base chemistry through ocean acidification, an environmental issue that is threatening marine ecosystems. Each lesson includes a combination of teacher lectures and demonstrations and student activities. Students will first learn about pH and buffering capacity of solutions such as the oceans. Then they will investigate the influence of humans and marine animals and plants on the acidity of the oceans. The curriculum ends by having students research the effect of ocean acidification on marine life; creating an information brochure about ocean acidification serves as the final project of the curriculum.


Heather Page & Alison Dickens, Scripps Classroom Connection via Earthref.org.Website.