NE-CAN: The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network

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The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NE-CAN) represents a nexus of scientists, federal and state agency representatives, resource managers, and affected industry partners dedicated towards coordinating and guiding regional observing, research, and modeling endeavors. 

The purpose is to better identify critical vulnerabilities, particularly with respect to regionally important and economically significant marine resources. NE-CAN is part of the larger Integrated Sentinel Monitoring Network coordinated by the joint Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem Health Committee of NERACOOS and the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC).

NE-CAN serves as a necessary interface between research and industry interests whereby state-of-the-science information can be readily exchanged.  Regional interest groups and key data and information synthesis products can as a result be specifically tailored and informed by user group needs. NE-CAN’s area of focus is on the waters from Long Island Sound to the Scotian Shelf.