Rep. DeFazio points to reports of ocean acidification, oceans at high risk from climate change (video)

Posted on EPOCA: 30 May 2013 — Issues: Safe Climate Caucus

 WASHINGTON, DC— Today, Congresswoman Peter DeFazio (OR-04), member of the Safe Climate Caucus, spoke on the House floor to address a number of reports on increasing ocean acidification, finding that increased CO2 levels in the water are resulting in threats to many species of fish and the whole ocean food chain.  He highlighted two studies from Oregon State University, finding evidence of rapidly increasing global temperatures and exploring potential future implications of ocean acidification for the shellfish industry.

“The House Republicans are using their leadership here to stymie efforts to even research and document climate change, let alone totally deny that it’s a problem.  Time and time again, they voted to know nothing, do nothing about climate change,” said Rep. DeFazio.  “It’s time to listen to the scientists and get serious about climate change.  The evidence is in.  The only question now is whether Congress will listen and act.”

Video of the floor speech is available on YouTube here.  Full text of the speech is available here.