Scientific Summary of Ocean Acidification in Washington State Marine Waters

NOAA OAR Special Report — Washington Shellfish Initiative Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification, Final Report


This Scientific Summary was developed through the combined efforts of a group of natural scientists from Washington State with assistance from colleagues in Oregon. The purpose of the white paper is specifically to inform members of the Washington Shellfish Initiative Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification regarding the conditions and likely biological and ecological responses to ocean acidification in the estuarine and coastal waters of Washington. We draw from examples within Washington wherever possible; where that is not possible, we use relevant examples from other coastal ecosystems. We identify areas where the knowledge base is thin, and note areas where more research could improve our understanding of ocean acidification in Washington marine waters.



Richard A. Feely (NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)

Terrie Klinger (University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs)

Jan A. Newton (University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory)

Meg Chadsey (Washington Sea Grant)

This report is available here.

You can also access the report under C-CAN Reference Materials.