Towards improved socio-economic assessments of ocean acidification’s impacts

Posted on EPOCA: 24 Aug 2012 — Published 24 August 2012 Science

 Ocean acidification is increasingly recognized as a component of global change that could have a wide range of impacts on marine organisms, the ecosystems they live in, and the goods and services they provide humankind. Assessment of these potential socio-economic impacts requires integrated efforts between biologists, chemists, oceanographers, economists and social scientists. But because ocean acidification is a new research area, significant knowledge gaps are preventing economists from estimating its welfare impacts. For instance, economic data on the impact of ocean acidification on significant markets such as fisheries, aquaculture and tourism are very limited (if not non-existent), and non-market valuation studies on this topic are not yet available. Our paper summarizes the current understanding of future OA impacts and sets out what further information is required for economists to assess socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification. Our aim is to provide clear directions for multidisciplinary collaborative research.


Hilmi N., Allemand D., Dupont S., Safa A., Haraldsson G., Nunes P. A. L. D., Moore C., Hattam C., Reynaud S., Hall-Spencer J. M., Fine M., Turley C., Jeffree R., Orr J., Munday P. L. & Cooley S. R., in press. Towards improved socio-economic assessments of ocean acidification’s impacts. Marine Biology. doi: 10.1007/s00227-012-2031-5. Article.