What is an ocean acidification data set and what are the minimum core variables?

Posted on EPOCA: 09 May 2012


The interagency ocean acidification data management team is seeking community input on the definition of an ocean acidification data set. Please see details below and send your feedback to Hernan Garcia (hernan.garcia(at)noaa.gov) by May 18.


What is an Ocean Acidification data set?

The NOAA Ocean Acidification program sponsored an Ocean Acidification (OA) data management workshop in Seattle, WA (March 2012). What constitutes an Ocean Acidification data set and what are the minimum variables were tentatively agreed on at this workshop as follows:

1. Tentative OA dataset definition: An OA data set of a defined data quality contains data that can be used to assess the status or impact of OA and includes a quantification of carbonate chemistry.

2. Minimum set of core OA variables: For field measured data: Measurements including at least temperature, salinity, and two inorganic carbon variables. For experimental data: Measurement including at least temperature and one inorganic carbon variable. Model data variables were not discussed.

The ad-hoc inter-agency OA data management Team invites science community input on the above definitions. Do we keep track of all variables and parameters of an OA dataset regardless of discipline and platform as long as the data set meets the OA data set criteria? Please send your comments no later than May 18, 2012 to Hernan.Garcia(at)noaa.gov.

The OA data management ad-hoc Team:

Steve Hankin (NOAA PMEL) steven.c.hankin(at)noaa.gov
Roy Mendelssohn (NOAA NMFS) roy.mendelssohn(at)noaa.gov
Kevin O’Brien (NOAA PMEL) kevin.m.o’brien(at)noaa.gov
Cindy Chandler (WHOI) cchandler(at)whoi.edu
Mike Mcann (MBARI) mccann(at)mbari.org
Alex Kozyr (CDIAC) kozyra(at)ornl.gov
Derrick Snowden (IOOS) Derrick.Snowden(at)noaa.gov
Emilio Mayorga (NANOOS) mayorga(at)apl.washington.edu
Philip Goldstein (USGS, OBIS-USA) philip.goldstein(at)colorado.edu
Jan Newton (UW) newton(at)apl.washington.edu
Libby Jewett (NOAA OA Director) libby.jewett(at)noaa.gov
Liqing Jiang (NOAA NODC) liqing.jiang(at)noaa.gov
Krisa Arzayus (NOAA NODC) krisa.arzayus(at)noaa.gov
Mark Fornwall (USGS, OBIS-USA) mark_fornwall(at)usgs.gov
Peter Griffith (NASA) peter.c.griffith(at)nasa.gov
Jeremy Werdell (NASA) jeremy.werdell(at)nasa.gov
Sean Bailey (NASA): sean.w.bailey(at)nasa.gov
Kimberly Yates (USGS) kyates(at)usgs.gov
Molly McCammon (AOOS) mccammon(at)aoos.org
Rob Bochenek (AOOS) rob(at)axiomalaska.com
Lynn Yarmey (ACADIS) lynn.yarmey(at)nsidc.org
Hernan Garcia (NOAA NODC) Hernan.Garcia(at)noaa.gov