Month: August 2011

2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Session 46: Understanding the biological consequences of ocean acidification in a holistic global change context

Posted on EPOCA: 10 Aug 2011  Organizers: David Hutchins, University of Southern California,; Philip Boyd, University of Otago, New Zealand,; Shannon Meseck, National Marine Fisheries Service,; Adina Paytan, University of California Santa Cruz,   Ocean acidification is happening in concert with a complex matrix of other ocean global change variables,

Impact of CO2-acidified seawater on the extracellular acid–base balance of the northern sea urchin Strongylocentrotus dröebachiensis

Posted on EPOCA: 08 Aug 2011 — Highlights ► Hypercapnia exposed sea urchins did not compensate for an internal acidification. ► This internal acidosis increased in intensity with decreasing environmental pH. ► This was similar to P. miliaris despite marked differences in seawater carbonate. This study highlights the need for

[Oyster_seed_group] Aug 6, 2011 Willapa Oyster Bulletin

By Alan Trimble — Oyster_seed_group mailing list Oyster Bulletin No. 3 – 6 August 2011 We sampled for larvae on Tuesday 2 August (afternoon high tide) and Friday 5 August (morning high tide). Water temperatures have been steady over the past week, given the calm conditions with cloud