Workshop on “Impacts of ocean acidification on zooplankton”

Posted on EPOCA: 15 Jul 2011

During the 5th International Zooplankton Production Symposium in Pucón, Chile, the authors of this article coconvened a workshop entitled “Impacts of ocean acidification on zooplankton”. This workshop, to our knowledge, provided the first opportunity to discuss the biological effects of ocean acidification (OA) that was exclusive to zooplankton ecologists. The workshop agenda was to include, and specifically extend, the conversation on the effects of OA beyond direct acute effects on calcifying zooplankton. In particular, we solicited contributions that documented how OA sub-acutely and sub-lethally affects zooplankton biology, ecology and physiology. We were thrilled by the international participation in our workshop, having 9 oral and 4 poster presentations by scientists and students from 6 countries. Although the study of the OA effects on zooplankton is still in its infancy, this did not deter, and likely contributed to, active participation and interest from a packed audience. Workshop presentations included talks and posters ranging from field and laboratory experiments to time-series analysis showing effects of OA on the biology and ecology of microzooplankton, copepods, euphausiids, invertebrate larvae and pteropods. Although this level of taxonomic diversity and experimental scope was encouraging, it also helped to illuminate the general conclusion of the workshop: we currently, and perhaps indefinitely, are unable to make generalizations regarding the effects of OA on zooplankton. Validation of the above statement, we hope, can be found in the summation of workshop presentations below.

Olson M. B. & Kawaguchi S., 2011. Workshop on “Impacts of ocean acidification on zooplankton”. PICES Press 19(2):28-29. Article.