Ocean acidification: setting the record straight

Posted on EPOCA: 01 Jul 2011

In recent years, ocean acidification has gained continuously increasing attention from scientists and a number of stakeholders and has raised serious concerns about its effects on marine organisms and ecosystems. With the increase in interest and the number of scientific investigations of this environmental problem, the number of opinions, often emotional, and misinterpretations of the issue have also increased. Regrettably, this is not necessarily helping to advance scientific understanding of the problem. In this article, we revisit a number of issues relevant to ocean acidification that we think require thoughtful consideration including: (1) surface seawater CO2 chemistry in shallow water coastal areas, (2) experimental manipulation of marine systems using CO2 gas or by acid addition, (3) net versus gross calcification and dissolution, and (4) CaCO3 mineral dissolution and seawater buffering.


Andersson A. J. and Mackenzie F. T., 2011. Ocean acidification: setting the record straight. Biogeosciences Discussions 8:6161-6190. Article.