Month: January 2013

Disrupting the effects of synergies between stressors: improved water quality dampens the effects of future CO2 on a marine habitat

Posted on EPOCA: 04 Jan 2013   Summary Synergies among stressors drive unanticipated changes to alternative states, yet little has been done to assess whether alleviating one or more contributing stressors may disrupt these interactions. It would be particularly useful to understand whether the synergistic effects of global and local

Differences in the regulation of growth and biomineralization genes revealed through long-term common garden acclimation and experimental genomics in the purple sea urchin

Posted on EPOCA: 04 Jan 2013 — Pespeni M. H., Barney B. T. & Palumbi S. R., in press. Evolution Across heterogeneous landscapes, populations may have adaptive differences in gene regulation that adjust their physiologies to match local environments. Such differences could have origins in acclimation or in genetically fixed

Experimental evolution meets marine phytoplankton

Posted on EPOCA: 04 Jan 2013  Our perspective highlights potentially important links between disparate fields – biological oceanography, climate change research, and experimental evolutionary biology. We focus on one important functional group – photoautotrophic microbes (phytoplankton) which are responsible for ∼50% of global primary productivity. Global climate change currently results