Month: October 2012

High temporal and spatial variability of dissolved oxygen and pH in a nearshore California kelp forest (update)

Posted on EPOCA: 15 Oct 2012  Predicting consequences of ocean deoxygenation and ocean acidification for nearshore marine ecosystems requires baseline dissolved oxygen (DO) and carbonate chemistry data that are both high-frequency and high-quality. Such data allow accurate assessment of environmental variability and present-day organism exposure regimes. In this study, scales

Changing climate hurting shellfish market

Posted on CBS News: 11 Oct 2012 By John Blackstone    Dewey described the oyster die-off to hundreds of scientists gathered in Monterey, Calif., to study rising acid levels in world’s oceans. They call it “ocean acidification” and with Google, showing the long-term impact. The deepening red illustrates the expected rise