Research Project Profiles

The Global Oceans Health Program of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)
Managing the collection of ocean pH data using SeaFET sensors and conducting informal pH monitoring of the seawater system on the UCSB campus
PI: Pauline Yu
Ocean Time Series Group at SIO
PI: Uwe Send
NOAA Ocean Acidification Mooring Network
PI: Adrienne Sutton
Documented pH decline in Coastal Washington and ecosystem implications
PI : Dr. Cathy Pfister
Collection of coastal ocean data by the Central Bight Cooperative Water Quality Survey (CBCWQS).
PI: Alex Steele, P.E., M.ASCE
A mechanistic understanding of the impacts of ocean acidification on the early life stages of marine bivalves
PI: George Waldbusser
Physiological assessment of the vulnerability of estuarine and marine organisms to ocean acidification
PI: Anne Todgham
Causes and consequences of changes in ocean biogeochemistry
PI: Francis Chan
Mechanisms controlling sources and sinks of anthropogenic CO2 in the oceans, and impacts of CO2 on marine ecosystems
PI: Richard Feely
Characterizing Carbonate Chemistry and Biological Response in the San Juan Archipelago; University of Washington and Friday Harbor Laboratories
PI: Jan Newton, Terrie Klinger
Ocean acidification research on crabs and coccolithophores
PI: Jonathan Stillman
Will a Warmer, More Acidic Ocean lead to increased Pseudo-Nitzchia bloom toxicity in the Southern California Bight?
PI: David Hutchins and Feixue Fu
OMEGAS (Ocean Margin Ecosystems Group for Acidification Studies)
OMEGAS partners share preliminary data with C-CAN (22 Jun 2013)
Building Stakeholder Capacity to Monitor Ocean Acidification in the US and Internationally
PI: Brad Warren
Ocean Acidification impacts on Shellfish Aquaculture
PI: Andrew Suhrbier
Long-term observations of nearshore marine invertebrate settlement in northern, central, and southern California
PI: Stephen Schroeter
Ocean Acidification and Emerging Diseases in the Pacific Northwest
PI: Steve Roberts, Carolyn Friedman
Santa Cruz Ocean Observatory Platform (SCOOP), Kudela Lab, UC Santa Cruz
PI: Raphael Kudela
Mechanisms controlling bivalve reproduction in Willapa Bay, WA
PI: Jennifer Ruesink, Alan Trimble
Legal and Policy Approaches to Mitigating Coastal Ocean Acidification
PI: Meg Caldwell and Ryan Kelly
California Current Ecosystem LTER Site
PI: Mark Ohman
California Department of Fish and Game Shellfish Health Laboratory
PI: Jim Moore
Understanding seed mortality and its effects on the Pacific Coast Shellfish Industry
Effects of Upwelling and Ocean Acidification on West Coast Bivalve Species
PI: Chris Langdon