[Oyster_seed_group] Sampling sites online

Greetings everyone:

Just wanted to provide a quick update on field work happening via PCSGA funding this year in Willapa Bay.  Samples for CO2, DO, nut and bacteria have been collected weekly at sites in Tokeland, Bay Center and Nahcotta starting in February.   Morning and afternoon samples are being taken at the Bay Center and Nahcotta sites  to gather daily fluctuations, while one is taken in Tokeland every week.  The samples are collected by WDFW Nahcotta and Ekone Oyster staff, many thank to them.

I have been working with UW APL to get the Nahcotta and Bay Center stations online via NANOOS.  While Bay Center has been on line for a while, we finally have Nahcotta online!

Follow the links below to check out the near real time DO, Sal, pH and Temp values for these sites.



Please let me know if you have any questions/comments.
Happy setting!
Andrew Suhrbier
Pacific Shellfish Institute
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