OMEGAS (Ocean Margin Ecosystems Group for Acidification Studies) posts updated pH findings

Two messages from Francis Chan posted on the C-CAN Listserv provide links to updated data

Message posted June 22:

We just wrapped up an intensive series of sensor turnarounds last week  at OSU in the OMEGAS (which include familiar C-CANers Tessa Hill, Libe  Washburn, Gretchen Hofmann) and allied projects. The sensors are  deployed on the open coast either in very nearshore moorings or  literally bolted onto the rocks.  We want to share the patterns that  we have thus far this season with the C-CAN group.  They are VERY  preliminary but we want to give folks in the network access to our  findings as sooner rather than later.  We just asked that they be treated as draft informational products. We’ll get more data as more sensor are recovered and serviced and will share updates as we get  them in. The figures can be accessed from the OMEGAS site:
Message posted July 20:
We just finished another round of sensor turnarounds yesterday and have posted our preliminary findings on the OMEGAS website.

For Central OR, we’ve had a strong run of upwelling over the past week and a half that has sharply decreased pH over our nearshore waters.  As of Wednesday, our SH-15m mooring (between Newport and Florence) show this effect clearly with a short term rise in pH as we got a small break in the winds.  The winds flipped back yesterday as we were sailing back to port and the forecasts suggests more of the same so I think we can expect more of these lowest pH waters right up to the shore if the upwelling winds hold. We have more sensor turnarounds from the shore-based sites this coming week and will try and give updates as soon as we get the new data.