Ocean Acidification impacts on Shellfish Aquaculture

PI: Andrew Suhrbier


Research Institution:     Pacific Shellfish Institute, Pacific                                                                                         Shellfish Growers Association

PI First name, Last name:        Andrew Suhrbier

Phone:                                    360-754-2741

Email:                                       suhrbier@pacshell.org



We, while partnering with federal and state agencies, universities, non-profits and shellfish growers are trying to understand present day and future impact of acidified waters.  Research has been localized in Pacific coast estuaries and in the Puget Sound focusing on native and pacific oysters and mussels.  Areas of interest are bivalve larval and seed development, shell pitting and growth along with phytoplankton production.  Outreach and education are also components of our efforts as we all further explore the problem and its consequences.


OA, shellfish, oyster, Puget Sound, aquaculture, Pacific Ocean, plankton, mussel