Characterizing Carbonate Chemistry and Biological Response in the San Juan Archipelago; University of Washington and Friday Harbor Laboratories

PI: Jan Newton, Terrie Klinger



Research Institution:         NANOOS, University of Washington

PI First name, Last name:   Jan Newton, Terrie Klinger

Email:            newton@apl.washington.edutklinger@uw.ed




We have initiated a seawater sampling program in the San Juan Archipelago intended to generate a time series of carbonate chemistry measurements in local waters. The project builds on an existing sampling program directed by Jan Newton combined with new work by students and faculty at FHL, including O’Donnell, Carrington, and Klinger. Focused biological research is conducted by student investigators and in several courses offered at FHL. Student training in ocean acidification research is a chief objective of the integrated program.


KEYWORDS:     Salish Sea, San Juan Archipelago, Puget Sound, training