C-CAN OA-Shellfish Workshop December 2011


To develop a roadmap for integrating ocean acidification observing activities on the US West Coast that ensures balanced participation of academic, governmental, and commercial stakeholders.

In particular, these workshops aim to articulate a strategy for implementing a sustainable observing system for ocean acidification that will be able to address the needs of the shellfish industry as well as of broader fisheries management stakeholders along the West Coast, in addition to those of the academic research community.


This workshop was held in Palo Alto, California December 13–14, 2011.


The full list of participants is available.


At the workshop in Costa Mesa (July 2011) we addressed what physical and chemical measurements would be essential to an ocean acidification (OA) observing system, and examined the steps needed to move forward to put such measurements in place.

At this workshop, we examined what we know about the effects of OA on organisms, and asked in particular what biological measurements might usefully be integrated with the physical and chemical measurements in such an observing system.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

08:00 Leave Creekside Inn (meet by reception)

08:15 Breakfast (provided at Moore Foundation)

09:00 Introduction & Logistics
Andrew Dickson & Gretchen Hofmann

09:15 Invited Speaker
Alan Barton (Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association)

09:45 “Speed Dating” for Scientists
Gretchen Hofmann

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Invited Speaker
Cathy Pfister (University of Chicago)

Plenary Discussion

12:30 Lunch (provided at Moore Foundation)

13:30 Invited Speaker
George Waldbusser (Oregon State University)

Plenary Discussion

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Invited Speaker
Anne Todgham

Plenary Discussion

17:00 Return to Creekside Inn

18:30 Workshop Dinner (Continue informal discussions)
Left Bank Brasserie,
635 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

08:00 Leave Creekside Inn (meet by reception)

08:15 Breakfast (provided at Moore Foundation)

09:00 Recap of Day 1, introduction to day 2
Andrew Dickson & Gretchen Hofmann

09:10 Invited presentation
Richard Feely (NOAA / PMEL)

Brief presentations:
Alan Trimble (University of Washington)
Dave Hutchins (University of Southern California)
Carolyn Friedman (University of Washington)
Steve Schroeter (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Tessa Hill (University of California, Davis)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Review of C-CAN Workshop (July 2011)
Andrew Dickson
Jan Newton

Plenary Discussion

12:30 Lunch (provided at Moore Foundation)

13:30 Plenary Discussion

15:00 Round-up of Discussions
Next steps?

16:00 Workshop End

Research Summaries for Participants