C-CAN Asset Inventory

One of the desired C-CAN products is an inventory and map of datastreams relevant to OA along the West Coast.

 Led by Jan Newton, NANOOS director and member of the C-CAN steering committee, the three IOOS RA’s volunteered to assemble an inventory of OA monitoring assets.  Emilio Mayorga, NANOOS DMAC lead, worked with the data managers of CeNCOOS and SCCOOS to produce an inventory (file available upon request to NANOOS). He went further and provided the inventory as a draft west coast OA inventory web page:

Group 1 are measurements of carbon parameters; Group 2 are T, S, O that could be applied to the NOAA algorithm for estimation.
Note that you can toggle the map on the web page to give you either Group 1 & 2 symbols, or measurements by platform symbols.